Museum of the margins

The Museum of the Margins will explore the role of margins in  life.

It will invite contributions from around the world through the internet.

At present galleries are planned as follows:

Gallery Overall topic Possible contributions
Entrance: The Road Less Travelled Cities, towns and places on the margins Margins are often less travelled places. What places do you think of as being on the margins and why?
The Alan Kurdi Gallery Renewing society from the margins Alan Kurdi was a Syrian boy whose body was found drowned on a beach in Greece. His death provoked – at least for a time – a change in policy on refugees. Who on the margins has touched you and how?
The Mahatma Gandhi Gallery Margins as places of transformation. Gandhi had a life changing moment when, aged 24, he was chucked off a train in South Africa and spent the night in a station waiting room and reflecting on his future. What are the times when you have felt on the margins and how has it affected you?
The Bill Wilson Gallery Temptations of the margins Sometimes in the margins we are tempted by ‘Quick Release’ solutions such as drink or work-aholism. What leads to these temptations and how do we deal with them?
The twilight gallery Margins of the mind Often we see the world differently at ‘in-between’ times such as dawn or dusk, or waking or sleeping. What helps us live with ambiguity, mystery, uncertainty and paradox?
The Ganges Delta Annex Margins and the environment The margins can be places of great diversity and sensitivity. How do you see the role of margins in sustaining the environment?
The Prodigal Son Annex Margins in religion All religions play great emphasis on the role of the margins. How do the margins impact on any religious or spiritual belief and practice of your own?
The Apple Annex Margins in business Profit margins play a crucial role in business. How does this change us as individuals and as a society?

There will also be a cafe (‘Crusts’), gift shop and education centre.

Contributions may be in the form of stories or experiences related to the margins, as well as to quotes, poems, music, pictures, comments or anything else. Please send any contributions to


Chris Bemrose
Curator of the margins