Crosses and circles

Crosses and Circles

The cross was a religious symbol well before the arrival of Christianity. Two pieces of wood held at right angles to one another have long been used to make fire. As such, the cross was used almost universally in pre-Christian times as symbolic of sacred fire or the sun. Religious objects marked with crosses have been found in almost every part of the ancient world around two thousand years before the birth of Christ in India, Syria, Persia and Egypt.

Performance/presentation at Greenbelt festival of faith, justice and the arts

This process aims to help people explore questions such as:

  • What does it mean to be whole?
  • What are the crosses in our lives?
  • What may help to turn our crosses into circles?

This process aims to explore both pre and post Christian notions of the cross, and the associations most of us have – consciously or unconsciously – about both crosses and circles, and where these associations may come from.